About this blog

Hi and welcome!

In 2014 this  blog will be mostly about Op Shopping, sewing and my attempts to create a fifties wardrobe.

I collect vintage fabric, patterns and accessories.

During 2012 I was a Contributor in the Sew Weekly – weekly challenges, so I did a lot of sewing.  This is where we tried to make a garment each week around a set theme.  Two years later, I am not sure how I managed it!

Often my husband and kids need me for other stuff.  I work part-time.  So my time is taken up with chauffeuring, grocery shopping, domestics, as little cooking as possible, homework, and a lot of washing (laundry).  Arranging flowers is also up there, as is messing about with my camera (Canon 55D) and iPhone.  Sewing has to come last.

I am not a writer so please be nice if my grammar or spelling is not perfect.

It is my goal to inspire, to uplift and to entertain.

I would be chuffed if you left me a comment.  Many people visit this blog all around the world.  A fact that amazes me.

I would love to hear from you.


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