The “Polka Dots and Cocktails” Dress

Bakelite Buckle www.quietvintagesewing.wordpress.comWe got invited out – which is kind of rare!   To a 40th! In Newcastle!  As soon as we got the invite this fabric sprang to mind and I unearthed the bakelite buckle, which is a perfect match.

Multistrand vintage necklace,

Accessories selection – decided just to go with the earrings.

So, the fabric – First it’s polka dots – so what’s not to love?  And second – the tag said it was poly/cotton – I doubt that!  It might be polyester and viscose – as the dots are quite lustrous, perfect for evening wear.

The pattern is B5748 – I wanted to use it again and see if I could improve the fit (of the “All Singing, All Dancing” Dress)  and the low back is perfect for a summer occasion.  I achieved a better fit than the first time but the waist is too tight!  Whoops!

Lucite Handbag, Polkadot Cocktail Dress.

All set!  Here’s the Bathroom selfie.  Nearly took the Lucite handbag for its first outing – but I got scared and left it at home!

I knew it would be a warm evening so I put in a cotton voile lining – this was perfect as it was steamy!


Mark in his new trousers and his Marcs shirt (not new!). Scrubs up well doesn’t he?!

The backyard cocktail party was lovely, for our friend Susan who was home for her 40th from Germany where she lives with her Greek/German husband Dimi and their three munchkins.


This is my friend Kathy and I – not the birthday girl!


The beautiful Susan!  Happy Birthday!

I managed to make it through the evening tugging it back into place.  At least I didn’t bust out of my dress like one of the lovely waitresses did!  I spent the first half hour of the party sewing the poor girl back into her dress!!  It was so nice to be invited – we had a great time thanks!!

The Facts
Fabric:Poly/Cotton Double faced brocade fabric
Pattern: Butterick B5748
Year: 1960
Notions: Zip, lining
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: A friend’s 40th
Wear again? Yes please!
Total Cost: ~$45

Australiana and Americana


How great is this fabric?! I saw it recently in Lincraft. I am into indigenous art forms in a huge way.

It feels very 50’s to me, with it’s dull, earthy colour palette.

It was $14.99 a metre and I had to leave it there at that price – as I had a little splurge on Esty last night. Just a few U.S. accessories for my 50’s Fair outfit. I really hope it’s warm! I froze last year!

They had a whole story in this theme – for the quilters.

Have you noticed that these type of prints languish in shops for a while?

Cultural cringe perhaps?

Now I am kicking myself for not getting a metre or four!

Will have to be content with a string of small parcels arriving in the mail from the States right!?

Busy hands

Busy hands

It’s Friday. It’s the last day of the school holidays.

I haven’t finished my supposedly “super easy” poncho ‘cos I keep getting distracted by trips to the hardware and massive gardening sessions in the rain.

I hope you are getting something crafty done today – or have a little project planned for the weekend.

What about this cheeky little number – so 50’s and I am sure you could knit that in a weekend. Me – that would take a lifetime.

Have a lovely Australia Day weekend.

A walk home

20's Castle-like house

20’s Castle-like house

I found myself without a car on Friday for a few hours so I walked home – I snapped a few of the houses and gardens on my way with my phone.
It was a lovely warm spring day – perfect for noticing details that it’s hard to see when you are whizzing past in a car, with two bickering kids in the back!  I hope you enjoy peeking over fences and through shrubs with me!!

Spanish Mission apartments

Twenties Bungalows

A "Federation" in compulsory colour scheme and wonderful dracaena plants - one day mine will look like this!

Another cutey - look at that blue sky - and the palm!Bungalow with original timber struts – you see lots of these replaced with Greek or Roman Columns.

Orange native rock orchids - I have dozens of these in the garden - let me know if you would like some!

Triffid - and a little neglect.

Even the house numbers are stylish

Coprosma repens – reminds me of NZ – it grows everywhere there.

A little Mid-Century Modern! Love the agave plants!

Another one - peeking through the Grevillea and the Bottle Brush plants.

I only had one woman come out and complain to me and ask me not to photograph her house – it’s of course not shown here.  Shame – as it had lovely Art Deco leadlight windows – just like the one I used to live in in Jenkins Street with Louise, Tina and Diana – those were crazy days!  Not much money, or food, fun parties, candles melting onto the carpet and lots of love.