A day out

I have been at home a lot recently.  My work contract ended and we have been renovating madly.

But I snuck away for a haircut.  I went to Sterling Apothecary in Chippendale.  It’s really fabulous.  The decor is vintage barbershop – right down to the Bakelite power points – fantastic attention to detail.  While I was there some TV types were scoping it out to use it in an ad.

Tony Vacher cut my hair – as you can see, I’m pretty pleased with it!  He is amazing.  A very understated guy of huge talent.  He masterminded the decor of the place, and is a very experienced in “precision cutting”.

You know it’s a good haircut when you wake up the next day and boing! You run your fingers through it and you are good to go!

I am experimenting with letting a little of they grey come through, as I have been dying my hair since about 1987 and I am really over it!

Then on the way home I popped in to Spotlight, had time for a quick outfit photo in the Centre Loos! I wore my Forties Jeans

Just for a look – below are a few shots. I visited Gertie’s Fabrics, to see if any new ones had been added to the range. Didn’t find any and they were a little messy!

See that stack of infant prints?  I bought some of the diamonds.

I have been sewing some toiles, testing patterns – not ready to cut into it yet.  I will keep you posted!



Gertie’s Fabrics!

Hi I love Gertie’s blog and her style and it’s been wonderful to see her growing success. So yesterday (no luck) and today, I ran into Spotlight, to have a peek at Gretchen Hirsch’s brand new fabric range. Fell in love the Red Bows on the black background – I need this! I also love the Red Roses which I would love a top in – needed also! The other designs are nicely executed – the Kitschy Cats, the Cherries and the pastel Tropical Prints. Great to see the beautiful rose/polka dots border print – hallelujah! But… they are all Polyester (looks like Crepe de Chine to me). Sad face. Sure, I get that they are easy care – no ironing and all that. But even as an experienced seamstress I really have to love something to even think of sewing with the stuff. And it’s so hot to wear in an Australian summer! We need cotton!  Or maybe viscose! What are your thoughts? If these float your boat, then snap the up while they are on sale at $11.99/m 148cms wide (normally $16.99). The new book’s only $25 currently too. Congrats Gertie! IMG_8202.JPG IMG_8197.JPG Continue reading

Prints Charming – now available at Spotlight!

Australian and New Zealand readers – do you pounce on your Spotlight Catalogue when it hits your letterbox? I know I do!

So most recently when I was tearing through I was so excited to see that those clever ladies from Sydney label “Prints Charming” have a range of their prints in store now!

I dragged Mum off to Birkenhead Point – my favourite factory outlet centre in Sydney and home to my nearest Spotty store for a look!


How good are those colours!?

I bought a little piece of this one :


It it destined for my second quilt – which is waiting for me to take a breather from the fifties wardrobe work!

There were two weights – drill – for skirts or bags and a finer cotton for crafting or tops/dresses – both great for beginner sewers.

Aren’t they fun?! I think they would make adorable dresses for little girls or if they suit your colouring – big girls too!

Or what would you do with such happy neon brights?

Prints for little kids, and big ones

Spotlight has some very cute 50’s reproduction children’s prints at the moment.  Aren’t they  irrisistable?  They were hiding in the quilting section – why should the quilters have all the fun?

Whee!  Looks like fun doesn’t it!

Sorry it’s a bit blurry – but you get the idea

And this is the one that came home with me.  You are looking at next year’s summer PJ pants – Yay!