The Fifties Red Car Coat

I have been thinking about this project for a year at least.

I have a few pieces of wool, coating bundled together and several of patterns in mind.

I need to decide whether I can be bothered to make a lined coat. Makes it easier to wear and warmer. I’m still deciding which lining fabric to use?

I really had hoped to whip up a car coat before the cold weather hits. This is really all you need in Sydney for Winter, if you have a car. There are really only a few really cold days which warrant a full length coat.

Every one complains about how freezing it is – for months, but they really don’t have a clue how to dress for truly cold weather. Not the way you learn when you live in a cold climate like NZ, or even Melbourne!

Tips for beginner sewers:

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making a coat. A short coat should be not too difficult as there is less fabric to handle. They are easier than tailored jackets as the fabrics are easier to work with was they are more spongy and forgiving and the lining at the hem is not caught in – easy!

Make sure you have your linings and interfacing together before you start sewing.

If you get tailored button holes done it will give your coat a more professional look









The “Warm Hug” Cape


It’s quite cold now in Sydney, so I feel like making warm things.  I have had this  wool in my stash since BC (before children) so approximately 10 years.  I had planned to make a skirt in it originally.   But there was just enough fabric to make this cape – as I have gone off the skirt idea.

The pattern calls for fake fur to be used – so does not advise the use of interfacing, but as I know things like collars and fronts (where there will be buttons) perform better with the support of some interfacing I put some in.

I am very happy to finally use up this fabric – I love this Kelly Green colour.  It is one of the colours  in my “It was meant to be – Blouse“.

I was test driving this cape while spending some time with my computer one night recently and the room was cold, but I felt warmer and warmer – such is the beauty of wool’s insulating properties.  It was just like a warm hug.

This pattern is so easy!  Hooray! I think this would be an ideal project for a beginner.

And this spongy fabric is also great for beginners.  It is beautiful to sew.  It goes where you put it, is resiliant and if you gently press it on the reverse side (inside) or use a pressing cloth – you can mould and shape it easily (not like awful springy polyester).
If you see some pure wool going cheap I suggest you grab it and make something easy!  I think you will start to avoid polyester  – rotten stuff.

You know I really wanted to do another Mad Men inspired dress so watch this space!

The Sew Weekly challenge this week is TV so I googled TV and Green Cape and out up popped the Wonderful Samantha from Bewitched who had a green flying cape. I watched this all the time as a kid – loved her beautiful face, helmet hair, bright clothes and crazy magical antics.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

Image Credit: Screen Gems – Columbia

The Facts

Fabric: Kelly Green Wool Coating, Navy Twill Menswear Rayon Lining (in stash 20 years)

Pattern: Vogue 9968

Year: 1998

Notions: Big button and press stud from stash

Time to complete: 3 hours – plus 1 hour handsewing at the skate park – not counted!

First worn: June 2012 – to lunch with friends

Wear again? Yes easily

Total Cost: $40? 10 years ago