Excuse the typo

Do you like Typo?  I find their vintage aesthetic and have-to-have stationery items irresistable.

The swearing and rude jokey things I can do without.

But I could not do with out these babies – feast your eyes!

A yummier neoprene (wetsuit material) laptop sleeve I have never seen. Those images have just walked right of a pattern envelope – and are gorgeous – there’s even a red polka dot dress – yum!

Maybe I would have been more into diving (like the men of my family) if the wetsuits were more interesting!

Gorgeous notepad for scribbling down ideas for blog - featuring bunting - I adore that stuff!

Laser Cut Antique Sewing Machine - now on display in the Sewing Room of course!

A great place for presents, not just for girls, their cool typographic items will do for the men in your life too. But it’s Mothers Day coming up soon so get something cool for your Mum or Nana this year!