The “Pineapples and Palmtrees” Skirt

I have been making this skirt since the early 90’s.  I think this is the sixth time I have made it

I have made it in chiffon, denim and cottons.  It’s great – I think the A-line shape is not bad on a pear-shaped figure.  It’s comfortable to wear and easy to sew.

I have made it so often I have even traced it on to patternmaking kraft paper (heavy, card weight paper) – this is much easier to handle than tissue patterns for things you make repeatedly.  This is how they do it in the industry.

Although, you think I would have learned that the side zip really ruins the way the side seam sits.  I am so lazy I can’t even be bothered to do any seams that are unnecessary – such as the centre back seam – but seeing it in the photos – I am determined to note this for next time on my pattern.

I love the pineapple print.  Perfect for the Sew Weekly’s Yellow Week – but I think it would look better as a big gathered skirt – but I didn’t feel like spending quite a lot on buying fabric for yet another skirt.

I couldn’t be bothered changing the threads from the permanent black, so I used bias binding for all the seams – it didn’t take long.  I love using bias binding.

Another lesson learned – the straight pattern looks weird on the A-line shape and appears as if it is disappearing into the side seam.

So this photo shoot was tricky.  It was about 4pm – I had read somewhere that the light is good in the morning or right before it goes down.  I found it was incredibly bright and in some shots my skin is as white as my T-shirt in some photos.  So I adjusted the brightness thingy on my Pink camera – that helped.  Although it looks sunny and tropical it was quite cold.  And I really struggled to get a decent shot – it took ages.   Hoping Mark is not so busy next time.
On a positive note – I went and had my hair done at Sterling Hair Salon and Barber Shop in Surry Hills, on the day of the photos.  James is so wonderful – he is a perfectionist and I was really happy with my hair again.  They gave me advice on how to try to keep the style, like – put some rollers in it, use a silk pillowcase, hairnet and a silk scarf – all of which I totally ignored.  I just ran a hairdryer over it and pushed it around a bit – not too bad!

Oh well – some valuable lessons there and the skirt will be fine for the school run on a stinking hot day and perfect for around the house.

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton Pineapple Print – approx. $15/metre

Pattern: Simplicity 9926

Year:  1990

Notions: Zip and cotton bias binding for all the seams

Time to complete: 2 hours

First worn: For the photos

Wear again? Yes on hot days, maybe out of the house

Total Cost: About $20

The “Magpies and Blue Skies” Skirt

During the middle of my photo shoot – i.e. me with camera set on self-timer and using a chair on the trampoline as a tripod, a magpie broke into my house. My youngest son was panicking and screaming as it flapped about trying to get out – I opened a latch on a window and shoved the glass, but the window was stuck so I broke the glass and knocked over a vase of flowers!   He made such mess pooing (the bird not my son) from one end of the house to the other, on the carpet, on a book, on clean washing!  Argghh I could have wrung his neck!  Luckily I didn’t cut myself and there was no serious damage.

So I am not smiling in these photo – I am fuming!

I bet you are fuming too because, guess what – I have made this boring skirt three times!

Oh yes, and it’s even a UFO so all I had to do was take off the too small waist band and re-attach because its taken me making this skirt three times to work out what my waist measurement is!

We are careering towards the end of the kids second term and we are tired! I work three days during school hours and there are speeches for 6 year olds (ridiculous right??) and projects for 9 year olds. The laundry is piling up around the place and its been wet all week so it is taking over our living spaces!  Oh yes and my husband is at work for the twelfth day straight!  First world problems right?!

Being grateful helps me when I am whining so here goes; I have a garden where Birds of Paradise are in  flower, the Sydney sky was blue for the first time in days, for the photos, my camera has a self-timer and this skirt is finally finished.

I really like that print. It is the exact colour palette of one of my Dads 1960’s Hawaiian shirts that I used to wear when I was a teenager. It was a remnant so I didn’t have enough to make a dress and I wasn’t even able to piece together a top, despite quite a bit of time spend trying – which is probably why I abandoned this for 6 months – hours of sewing getting me nowhere is incredibly off-putting.

I might get some laces for some platform shoes from the scraps – we’ll see.

If I were going on a lovely tropical holiday or a Tiki Party  – this is the kind of thing I’d like to wear.  Dreams are free!

Oh and I found a tripod at an op shop for $12 this week – score!

The Facts
Fabric: 3m Cotton Lycra Sateen at $12.99 per metre
Pattern: Skirt from McCalls 9400 – without pleat/underlay
Year: 1950’s
Notions: Zip, Button, Waistband interfacing
Time to complete: 4 hours includes unpicking
First worn: For the photos
Wear again? Yes, a lot I think
Total Cost: $39