Gertie’s Fabrics!

Hi I love Gertie’s blog and her style and it’s been wonderful to see her growing success. So yesterday (no luck) and today, I ran into Spotlight, to have a peek at Gretchen Hirsch’s brand new fabric range. Fell in love the Red Bows on the black background – I need this! I also love the Red Roses which I would love a top in – needed also! The other designs are nicely executed – the Kitschy Cats, the Cherries and the pastel Tropical Prints. Great to see the beautiful rose/polka dots border print – hallelujah! But… they are all Polyester (looks like Crepe de Chine to me). Sad face. Sure, I get that they are easy care – no ironing and all that. But even as an experienced seamstress I really have to love something to even think of sewing with the stuff. And it’s so hot to wear in an Australian summer! We need cotton!  Or maybe viscose! What are your thoughts? If these float your boat, then snap the up while they are on sale at $11.99/m 148cms wide (normally $16.99). The new book’s only $25 currently too. Congrats Gertie! IMG_8202.JPG IMG_8197.JPG IMG_8200.JPG IMG_8198.JPG


17 thoughts on “Gertie’s Fabrics!

  1. Summer in my area of Japan is the same as Qld summers. Polyester is horrid to wear. But cotton clothing is so expensive here. Hence getting my skills back up and sewing my own clothes. Japan has some awesome fabric to purchase. And nearly all Japanese made and printed.

  2. Nasty polyester that will also attract static cling like all the bridesmaid dresses I alter. Nasty polyester that will make all your hard work look cheap.Nasty polyester attracts dog and cat hair like crazy. Nasty polyester holds body odor and stains. I agree with prttynpnk…not a cohesive collection but suitable for Gertie patterns.

  3. Same here, I was also disappointed that everything is polyester. I live in Auckland and it gets humid here, the last thing I want to be wearing is something that doesn’t breathe! I considered that these fabrics have been made with the US market in mind, polyester might be more popular there. Anyway, I couldn’t resist the kitsch kitties in cornflour blue so I bought 3m for my stash, I have no idea what to do with it but whatever I make will be lined with something breathable.

  4. Gretchens newest blog post says that the fabric is all poly at spotlight (for whatever reason) but in the US at Joann Fabrics she is releasing the same prints in different types. Cotton voile, chiffon, etc…
    Maybe you’ll be able to order them online? They’re releasing in march 2015

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