Birthday Treats!

On my birthday* my lovely friend/enabler and I had a shopping jaunt. There was coffee and treats.

We visited a junk/antique shop in Epping that was closing down.

My friend very kindly let me buy a Vogue Patterns 1968 Counter Book, she had asked the owner if he had any of these and he brought it to us.

We had a big trawl through what was on offer – like pigs in mud, you might say. Isn’t it the best to spend time with like-minded friends?


* My birthday is in March and yes I know its been a long time since I blogged, thanks for sticking with me.











20140625-164553-60353665.jpgVogue 1968 Counter Book - Woman in Black and Red A Line Striped Dress with White High Crowned Hat


9 thoughts on “Birthday Treats!

  1. Oh Trish – what a find! I’m dying for that Pucci dress. And 6761! And the sweet mini dress with pom pom trim. What are you going to make first?

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