Make Do and Mend – Party Girl 70’s Leopard Jacket

Pic Monkey Edited Leopard 2

A while ago I found this cool 1970’s Fake Leopard Fur Coat with contrast fur collar, made by Girmes in Oedt, West Germany.  For just $20 and In need of a little TLC – who could resist?

Pic Monkey Edited Leopard

Her a sad-looking belt which was missing the buckle. I thought I could find a replacement and soon after I found this vintage brass “Aros” buckle which has the lettering inside the shape of Australia – what a great logo.

Vintage "Aros" Made in Australia Belt Buckle

Vintage “Aros” Made in Australia Belt Buckle

Pic Monkey Edited Leopard 3

If you want to replace a buckle you can hand sew it on, or if you are truly lazy, like me, use your sewing machine. The way to do this is to sew inside the hole of the buckle – you might like to pin it if you think it will move about, but the great thing is that the stitches disappear into the pile of the fur.

I also repaired one of the bust darts which was pulling open.  As the lining was free hanging, I just turned it inside out and re-stitched the dart – easy.Pic Monkey Edited Leopard 5

Pic Monkey Edited Leopard 6

The funniest thing about this jacket was that in the pocket there was a Cruiser bottle top – oh yes, she’s a party girl.Pic Monkey Edited Leopard 7