Book Week Sewing – Finn the Human Costume

Ned Kelly Costume and Finn the Human Costume
We love book week at our school.  Some people go all out. Here’s what we came up with.

2 3 4  6

Alex dressed as Bushranger Ned Kelly and Noah is dressed as Finn the Human from Adventure time (one of their favourite cartoons).

Noah is hard to please at times, but he was happy with this, and the reaction he got from his classmates.

Alex made his gun and did the painting himself.  I helped with the body armor which is under the my trench coat.

I made Noah’s hat and backback and all the info on how to do that is here.  (The only differences were that I used polarfleece, not felt in a double layer as I wanted the face hole to be stable).

I love an easy costume using stuff from around the house don’t you?

Gotta run as we need to urgently go to the mall and get more caps for Noah’s cap gun – love school holidays!


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