The “Cabbages and Roses” Dress

Well, this is nice! A Sew Weekly Reunion!

Thanks for stopping by – glad to be back and thanks for organizing ladies.

When I think back to last year, I don’t know how I managed it. Must have been a lot of adrenalin pumping!

I’ve hardly sewn anything this year it seems. A couple of kids’ costumes and some cushions I think! I have been at the gym, which has really helped the sore back I got from so much sewing last year!

So I was relieved that I could use this dress, which I had already started, for this Pantone colour challenge.

It was good to create a whole new dress in a new pattern, and use some colours I wasn’t really sure about.


This pattern has six pleats on the shoulders

Six sleeve darts

Six bodice darts

Two wrist ties

Four metres of hand sewn hem.

That was a lot of marking in sliver gel pen and tailors tacks. Time consuming, but not difficult.

The skirt pattern is my usual semi circular skirt pattern in 4 gores.

The petticoat I purchased in Linden (um, almost) green – was way too short. So I hacked the top band off and whacked on an extended top tier – in a polka dot lining fabric from my stash.

I was really happy with the dress and I had some lovely compliments the day I wore it. The hat was from an op shop for $10 and I managed to rip the hat elastic off it as I arrived home. My feet were totally filthy from all the dust at the venue

I am feeling very inspired to sew, with the warmest winter in Australia in 150 years, (scary) feeling very much like Spring already. I hope I can make time for it.

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton Lycra Sateen – bought in New Zealand for $50

Notions: One vintage metal zip $1, one organza petticoat $30, plus extra lining fabric

Pantone Challenge colors: Acai and Linden Green

Pattern: Simplicity 3621

Year: 1952

Time to complete: 8-10 hours

First worn: The Fifties Fair, 25 August 2013

Wear again? Yes, but I’m not sure where

Total Cost: $80









13 thoughts on “The “Cabbages and Roses” Dress

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  2. What a sensational dress. I really love the colours and style and you’ve nailed it just right. I’mm inspired

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