Child free, let loose at the markets

This Saturday morning is the first time I’ve been alone in two weeks! I dropped the kids into a Parkour class in Pyrmont and hit Rozelle Market!

Here’s a few snaps




This is a piece of Tivaevae which is applique from the Cook Islands.  It is quite rare – I have never found a piece for sale in Australia or New Zealand.  It was for sale for just $40 – but as I don’t love yellow – I left it behind.  One day, I would love to go there and see the women making it – I find it fascinating and beautiful.






I bought a tea towel and the Gold Coast table cloth for $5 each, and the three bracelets were $15 and I am pretty sure the green one is Bakelite – hooray!


I think it’s Sydney’s best vintage/second-hand market, which is still mostly affordable.

What do you do when you are childfree?

Rozelle Market
Open Saturdays and Sundays

Address: 663 Darling Street, Rozelle

Opening Times: 9-4


9 thoughts on “Child free, let loose at the markets

  1. Love Rozelle have picked up quite a few amazing scores over the years, it lost the vibe for a while but last time I popped in it was in good form.
    Great picks, love that table cloth.

    • I could have bought heaps today Astred, but I held back. There was one woman stall holder who had great fabrics – those buttons are hers but I was so swept away I forgot to snap those. Glad I could make it there in a good day.

  2. Score on the bakelite! I hope you bought some of those buckles ;).

    My favourite is the Surry Hills (first sat of the month), i’ve gotten 1940’s stitchcrafts for $5, and 50s Vogue Couture Patterns for cheap too there. Its mostly hipster, but there’s some bargins to be had if you look around :). Also some crazy WTF prices hehe.

    Ahh… must get down to Rozelle someday…

    • Yes Bex, no I was restrained – the red white and blue one is eye catching isn’t it – I do have a few in my stash.

      I went to Surry Hills once years ago -it’s is more of a hike for me, and its so hard to park the 4WD! Next time I am child free perhaps!?

  3. Gorgeous stuff. I think I would be very poor if I were ever to be child free! Mine are quite grown up now but they still drag me away from the doors of fabric shops and the likes. It’s their worst nightmare. I’ve tried bribery of course… Sweets, hard cash… but nope, they wont do it for any amount of begging!

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