A year with Sew Weekly – the aftermath

You may not know but last year I was trying to make a garment each week as a contributor for The Sew Weekly. I went a bit crazy buying up vintage fabrics all over the place and now it’s time to let some go.

To be honest I don’t know how managed to make a garment, not every week, but on average about every two weeks.

I also didn’t realise just how much fabric had collected last year

So in my ongoing quest to declutter my sewing room – I am selling on eBay some of the fabric that no picked up last year as I have enough fabric for one lifetime!!

Here are a few things I have on eBay – ranging from the sixties to the eighties.

It is only available to Australian buyers.

In the future I considering using this page to sell vintage items. I haven’t even started in all the vintage accessories I collated to go with the outfits!!







1970’s Red White and Blue Floral Print Blouse Weight fabric


1970’s Seersucker Multicoloured Stripe Print


1970’s Sweet Floral Print Cotton


Possibly seventies sheer cotton floral print – in monochromatic earthy tones


1970’s piece of sheer curtain fabric




Fun eighties Paint Splotch Cotton Print


Wonderful eighties seersucker in Art Deco inspired geometric print


What child of the eighties doesen’t like the Smurfs! These faded bedsheets have already been bid on at $20!


A little bit of Mickey Mouse – who is in again!







3 thoughts on “A year with Sew Weekly – the aftermath

  1. I’m with Mel – so many pretty, pretty things! 🙂

    I know just what you mean about the fabric accumulation involved with Sew Weekly. I’m a bit scared to look at my fabric piles. Must get around to doing a cull one day soon, before it collapses on me in an earthquake and it takes people days to dig me out from underneath it…. (Hmmm. Death by fabric….)

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