Audrey Hepburn, Life Magazine 1962

My friend is listing this 1962 edition of Life Magazine on eBay shortly. It contains a nice spread on Audrey Hepburn wearing fashions by Givenchey.

All these garments/outfits are very bulky around the waist which look amazing on her diminutive frame – skinny girls take note!





An awkward moment with a very big bull




Child free, let loose at the markets

This Saturday morning is the first time I’ve been alone in two weeks! I dropped the kids into a Parkour class in Pyrmont and hit Rozelle Market!

Here’s a few snaps




This is a piece of Tivaevae which is applique from the Cook Islands.  It is quite rare – I have never found a piece for sale in Australia or New Zealand.  It was for sale for just $40 – but as I don’t love yellow – I left it behind.  One day, I would love to go there and see the women making it – I find it fascinating and beautiful.






I bought a tea towel and the Gold Coast table cloth for $5 each, and the three bracelets were $15 and I am pretty sure the green one is Bakelite – hooray!


I think it’s Sydney’s best vintage/second-hand market, which is still mostly affordable.

What do you do when you are childfree?

Rozelle Market
Open Saturdays and Sundays

Address: 663 Darling Street, Rozelle

Opening Times: 9-4

Fifties repro fabric – an unlikely source

If you are in the market for reproduction fifties style fabric, perhaps a source you haven’t considered is right under your nose – your local quilting shop.

Admittedly, I live pretty close to one of the best in Australia’s: Material Obsession, at Drummoyne.  Their selection is mouthwatering.

Here are a few things I spotted in there recently that I thought might work for fifties style garments.  I didn’t take any notes about the fabrics, all I can say is get in there fast as they sell out fast and not always reordered, so the lovely lady who helped me could tell me.

I was extremely lucky to find the scarlet print with the bows was still in stock – I have been dreaming about it since the last time I visited – months ago.   I think it will be perfect in a blouse like Butterick 4985.

If you are in Sydney’s Western Suburbs I recommend Fred the Needle – I haven’t visited them in their new location in Dural – but their Penrith store was fabulous.

If you have a good one one near you – I would love to hear about it.

Also if you have tried sewing garments with quilting fabric and how that went.  Thanks.

It’s the second week of the school holidays and I just heard the little guy say, as he tumbled around the living room “I can feel my brain moving” – had better go.







A year with Sew Weekly – the aftermath

You may not know but last year I was trying to make a garment each week as a contributor for The Sew Weekly. I went a bit crazy buying up vintage fabrics all over the place and now it’s time to let some go.

To be honest I don’t know how managed to make a garment, not every week, but on average about every two weeks.

I also didn’t realise just how much fabric had collected last year

So in my ongoing quest to declutter my sewing room – I am selling on eBay some of the fabric that no picked up last year as I have enough fabric for one lifetime!!

Here are a few things I have on eBay – ranging from the sixties to the eighties.

It is only available to Australian buyers.

In the future I considering using this page to sell vintage items. I haven’t even started in all the vintage accessories I collated to go with the outfits!!







1970’s Red White and Blue Floral Print Blouse Weight fabric


1970’s Seersucker Multicoloured Stripe Print


1970’s Sweet Floral Print Cotton


Possibly seventies sheer cotton floral print – in monochromatic earthy tones


1970’s piece of sheer curtain fabric




Fun eighties Paint Splotch Cotton Print


Wonderful eighties seersucker in Art Deco inspired geometric print


What child of the eighties doesen’t like the Smurfs! These faded bedsheets have already been bid on at $20!


A little bit of Mickey Mouse – who is in again!