Retail Therapy

We are three days from the end of the school term. The kids are tired and desperately trying to get a day off school. I find I would rather eat glass than shop with my children. Here’s how we are preparing for two weeks with the little darlings who will only be going to the mall for moviesandahaircutandnowearenotgoingtoSmiggleEBGamesKmartorToysRUs

I’m crabby, my poor husband is exhausted (who I was so looking forward to seeing last week, after he was away working for the second week in a row). Sadly, he copped my wrath, after he spent
most of the weekend unable to get up from the couch watching The Le Mans car race, but today he is earned some brownie points by doing the Costco shop.

He does a great job as I always come home with fun things like red kitchen utensils, Reece’s Peanut butter cups, Spanx for me and Calvin Klein undies for him. He buys the food we actually need. Also the Italian foods he loves like big bowls of ricotta cheese, ciabatta, prosciutto, a litre of pesto and about 20 kilos of meat!

Meanwhile, I found some time to pop into Typo where they are totally down with the Craft resurgence – here are a few of my favourite sewing themed items:

Embroidery ring mouse pad
Vintage sewing pattern notebook
Giant button for the wall – seriously cute
Antique Sewing Machine iPad case
Tape measure cotton tape – for gift wrapping or crafting
Pattern printed folders
Pattern wrapping paper tissue ( I suggest you visit your local op shop and buy something ugly from the nineties if you want to wrap your next gift this way), please excuse the blurry photo but I had to show you that it is just like a printed pattern

Can’t wait for the holidays and I am praying for some fine weather to get those boys of ours off Minecraft – can anyone relate?









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