A bit of Bunting

Recently I got to work from home -sewing! My boss asked me to make some bunting for a display in one of our customer’s shops. I have included the steps if you want to try making some.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything and I was happy to find that I wasn’t too out of practice, the simplicity of the project certainly helped.

• Cutting all the triangles is the biggest job. Pile them up keeping the colours together. I cut four layers at once – you might do less – I am impatient!

• Cut pairs of triangles – as many as you need. I did about 4 pairs in each colour – the whole length is almost three metres in length.

• Set up your sewing machine with your first colour. Stitch to the point. Sew in a “chain” – leaving only a short amount of thread between each “flag” – why waste thread?

• Trim the seams on either side of the point.

• Turn the flag through and push out the point (gently!! A knotting needle is perfect for this task).

• Each flag is then stitched into bias bunting which is cut from one of your colours. If you don’t want to mess around making your own – you can buy it in packets. Use the thread colour that matches your bias binding.

• Neaten the ends of the bias binding last just in case you want to add another piece at either end. I like a nice long “tail” on the end – to tie it around something perhaps.

I hope our client likes it!








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