Fifties fashion from Australian Home Journal advertisements

You may like to do your Vintage Wardrobe Research using original source materials. In Australia, Australian Home Journal magazines from the forties through to the sixties are easily obtainable for under $20 on eBay or in Junk shops. They are a rich source of inspiration for your wardrobe, hairstyles, and make up.

This ad has has it all.

* Divine fabric
The diversity of fifties fabric never fails to surprise me.
This print features what looks to me like a night scene of fireworks over a Chinese village.
The cornflower blue with the pink background really appeals to me.


* Five cute fifties looks:
– two simple buttoned up blouses
– what would have to be a pleated or gathered waist skirt
(but is drawn as a circular skirt)
-and a classic button front skirt for whipping off at the beach
– revealing a pinstriped sun suit
– a shirt using the border print over the hip region,
just like a menswear style!

* Period make up – heavy, unplucked, brows,
winged eyeliner, pink lipstick

*Three hairstyles

* A palm tree – love!

If you can’t get your hands on Australian Home Journal – you probably have a local equivalent in your country.

Source: Australian Home Journal September 1959



5 thoughts on “Fifties fashion from Australian Home Journal advertisements

  1. As a collector of border print skirts, I loved seeing this ad. But what I loved the most is the blouse made from the print. It’s really hard to find vintage examples of border print blouses.

  2. I have lots of patterns from 1960s Australian Home Journals that my mother collected (and now they are MINE! *evilly sniggering*) so I have the utmost respect for the Australian Home Journal, it looks to have been a fabulous magazine. I cracked the first pattern open on the weekend, to my surprise it was unused as I know lots of the others have been used. Tracing it off was pretty straight forward and I took the opportunity to make lots of construction notes on the tracing as I went along. It is for a little shift dress that I am making in corduroy for winter (to layer over polo/tights/boots) so we shall see how it goes. Nothing rarely ever looks the same as in my mind’s eye……

    • You are lucky to have them! That’s fantastic. I have only tried to use one of their patterns – it was tiny! Still useful for the look I was trying to achieve. Their interesting details are the best thing about them, and could easily be applied to a simple personal block (sloper) pattern. I hope it looks like your vision!

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