I’ve had my feet up – in Bali

During the recent school holidays we visited Singapore and Bali. Here are a few shots from my phone of me relaxing. In between excessive bouts of shopping, eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and keeping the kids busy. As you can imagine – relaxation was brief and I mostly unwound in the pool of our villa.

Ku De Ta – In Seminyak


This was my first glimpse of a Bali Beach Club and I was wowed. Cool music, comfortable seating, big umbrellas and cool drinks. I love the beach – who knew!?

In Villa Bugis – Seminyak


This was our Villa – it has three bedrooms and a pool in the middle. I surprised everyone by swimming three to four times a day. It was the best way to cool down. Temperatures were around 30 degrees and very humid. You were hot and sweaty by 10am.

Finns Bar in the Samara Resort, near Uluwatu


This place was divine. Our driver Nyoman took us to Uluwatu temple where there were monkeys. Then my sister in-law Lisa had read about this place Finns Bar which is part of a resort. We caught a cable car down to the otherwise inaccessible beach – it was just stunning. The surf came crashing in. The food and drinks were divine. I swam in the surf after – it was an unforgettable day.

I took lots of photos using my big camera so come back please to see my random take on Bali and Singapore.


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