My sewing room – a sneak peek

Brother Industrial sewing machine

Here’s all I can show you right now because the rest is such a shocking mess!!  This Brother industrial sewing plain sewing machine is what I do most of my sewing on.  I have a domestic machine for buttonhones or three step zig zag stitch (but its been a while since I’ve used it for knits).  I have a domestic overlocker which I think I need a new cord for – the wires are definately loose.

Maori Doll, Sewing Room, Velasquez Infanta

I keep stuff that inspires me in there – vintage, stuff, Kiwiana, artwork like this one.  There is a theme, in that I use kitchen storage items to store sewing stuff.

Ikea book shelves hold books – so many books, Art Deco Jars, Cake Stands, a Champagne bucket for the scissors, cake tins for yet more junk, and jam jars for buttons!  Ironic as I don’t really care for cooking!!  Although I am trying!!

There is fabric, boxes for my eBay shop, “stock” for said shop – or “junk” as my husband calls it.  The bookcase is piled high.

Sewing room organization

The patterns are mostly really organized – in Ikea boxes – organized into decades.

The ironing board is piled high with ironing and new op shop finds usually!  Although I have been cutting back a bit on that lately.

I pray my parents arent planning a visit anytime soon – even though I am missing them and Mum recently had a cataract operation.

Champagne bucket as storage, industrial sewing machine

It’s lovely to have a nice garden to look out at, and its good to change your focal length to keep your eye muscles working ( great for computer users too).

Essentials are music and my portable DVD player – which I can watch movies on (or mostly listen to). And most important for any time spent in the sewing room – a big mug of coffee – and a handful of biscuits too!!

We are in the middle of school holidays now – I will be posting again afterwards with some of our holiday snaps!


6 thoughts on “My sewing room – a sneak peek

  1. love it Trish. Its nice to have your OWN space! love all your stuff. I must come over for a visit love to see it in the flesh! Love Di.

  2. I’d love a sewing room! I store my sewing bits in vintage jars and tins too but all packed away in the cupboard would live to have them out to look at. I listen to audio books while sewing.

    • Sounds great Catherine! Uncluttered! I need to get into Audio books – I have rented lots for my kids to listen to at bedtime from the library – I should check out the adults section next time I’m there!

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