Going all pink with Kat and Drake

Kat and Drake PicMonkey Collage

Oooooohhh, look – I’ve given the blog a little pink rinse makeover – what do you think?

And still on a rosy note, the last couple of times I have travelled to NZ I have met up with this gorgeous creature with pink hair, its Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes!  and her wee man Drake!

The first time I met Kat we had a great time over coffee, and gelato and a walk on Wellington’s foreshore on surely one of the best days of the year!  At the end she shyly told me she was a little bit pregnant.  I went home and sent home and posted her all those maternity patterns that I have been collecting (mostly by mistake!).

This time we met up in my old stomping ground Newtown, and had breakfast at the totally cool Baobub Tree Cafe

It was so lovely to meet Drake!  He was transfixed by all the traffic flowing past through the window and all the light that reflected around the cafe.  Then Kat was very clever as she got the very pink cheeked Drake off for a big sleep and after our coffee and we got to visit three op shops – and I got to meet her lovely Mum too.

Found a totally cool cushion made of a New Zealand teatowel.  And a coffee mug from my brother’s old school.  I feel sure he’s drinking milo out of it , right now, at his place in Aberdeen.  Or I am sure he will when he gets in from the oil rig.

I flew back over to the South Island after some shopping on Cuba Street later that day, but that needs another blog post.  It was quite a special day.  Thanks Kat and I hope to meet the other Wellington Sewing Bloggers next time.


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