Please don’t lick the jewellery

Even opshops have rules and vinyl records are hard to shift, so I reckon these upcycled, in-house, advisory messages from one of my favourite places um, rock.

1960's Upcycled Record Cover Jewellery

I felt so guilty when I read this one – as I am totally guilty of tapping jewellery on my teeth – to determine if its plastic or glass.  You probably can’t see but this blue lady even has a real vintage earring on!  Mixed media!  Noice!

1960's Upcycled Record Cover Carousel

Ah yes, the “No tag, No sale” rule.  I have never actually seen this rule enforced.  Personally I would think you would have to be a bit of a scumbag to try they old “I’ll rip the tag off and hopefully get it cheaper” stunt.

1960's Upcycled Record Cover In the mood for love

My favourite thing about these “artworks” is the model’s hair and make up – all false eyelashes and lacqured hair – they deserve to be seen, even if no-one wants to listen to the music!

1960's Upcycled Record Cover $1,000,000 Melodies

Wonder who the clever person who created them is?

1960's Upcycled Record Cover Belafonte

And finally – a note to myself too – Nobody wants to handle jewellery after you have put your saliva all over it.


4 thoughts on “Please don’t lick the jewellery

  1. Awesome ads. I’ve seen the “no tag no sale” thing enforced in store several times. Its usually been in op shops in rougher areas of Sydney’s Western suburbs where the harassed staff often have to contend with shoplifters & hagglers.The thing is sometimes you do find things without tags but I’ve never had a problem personally asking how much it is at the counter. I think its a loss prevention tactic but also to take the pressure off their volunteer staff.

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