50 60 70

Here’s a selection of recent patterns finds from three of my favourite decades.

It’s been ages since I have found a fifties pattern in an op shop – so this was a lovely surprise and it appears unused.  It cost $12.50 – this particular op shop is aware of the collectible nature of vintage patterns – some of the prices on the vintage fabrics are sky high – and some are not – probably to incorrect identification.

The artwork is pretty but the blue with a large white collar is not my thing it would look much more sophistocated in a wool with a velvet under collar.  Don’t you think?  Or is it that I just can’t  break my 80’s addiction to black?!  It is described as “Princess Style” – thats because of those extra seams.  The collar is called a portrait collar – I like that name!  It’s a more formal day look (or evening in an appropriate fabric).


Sydney is experiencing it’s hottest March week in a decade – the thought of a cape is silly at the moment. But the double breasted front of McCalls 9028, from 1967, would be super warm and stop it blowing about. Something my Warm Hug cape from last Winter did.  My favourite look is the short length but I like them all!  Not that useful for driving a car in though!

I adore the red-head’s hair-do.  There was a girl at my Fashion Design School who had hair like that,  must show it to my hairdresser next time!


I love the easy, breezy feel of this 1975 top and shorts. I need some new shorts – these ones have a slight flare – great on a pear shaped figure – below the knee for me!


Have you had any great pattern finds lately?  Keep looking, its the secret to finding great stuff!

I nicked the name of this post from 506070 which is a great Sydney source of furniture (mostly) from those decades – I used to love to pop in when they were in Annandale, – I am not sure if they are still 0perating a storefront but you can visit online.


11 thoughts on “50 60 70

    • Is that right? We have boxes and boxed of 80’s and 90’s patterns all over Sydney – you have to dig to find the old ones! There are plenty of old knitting patterns out there too – lots of 60’s and some 50’s can be found. But as I can’t knit – I leave them behind!!

  1. I should go into the vintage pattern business. I have tons of patterns from the late 60’s forward. I started sewing for myself as a youngster and have saved just about everything… boxes and boxes of old patterns in the attic,

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