Valentines Day and Divorce

Hi, Happy Valentines Day!

Did you get roses?! I hope so!

Did you have a special outfit? I noticed some people on Instagram were dressing accordingly so I dug out this baby:


It’s Moschino Cheap and Chic skirt from about 1999 or 2000.

I remember because I was a newlywed when I bought it. I was working in fashion at Double Bay at the time for an importer of High End Italian clothing. I fell in love and I popped it on lay by – no worries right?

Well my husband was wondering where all the cash was going and there were a few choice words exchanged.

Let me tell I have not spent $300 on any garment since -except for a rain coat I have had for five years now!

I didn’t end up wearing the skirt today as our good friend Kieran came over to do some work in our garden. We were out there for three hours sweating it out!

Our garden has gum trees which rain leaves and banches down on all below! The lawn is self seeded since the drought ended and scruffy. There is a real mixture of Australian native plants (the gum trees, bottle brush, native violet) and exotics (frangipani, bird of paradise, nz flax, bougainvillea, aloe vera).


I am so pleased with how it looks and we discussed a few simple things we could to make it nicer.


So luckily that skirt didn’t cause a divorce but back then it felt like we were pretty close to it. Thanks Mark for organising the work on the garden – that makes me really happy – it’s better than chocolates or something from Michael Hill. 💌


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day and Divorce

    • Ha ha! Kat I apologise for being dramatic and attention seeking!

      Yes will need to take am proper photo of me in that skirt – need to get a photo area set up permanently at home – might need to paint a wall!

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