School Dance 80’s style

This is really embarrassing


This is the pattern mum made my 6th form School Dance Dress with, complete with the big bows on the shoulders and all.

It was a very 80’s shade of electric blue – which I don’t think I have worn since – polyester moire taffeta! Noice!!

I am not sure where the photos from that night are – must dig them out!

We are back from almost a month in New Zealand – I am calling it the best time ever! Great to catch up with many friends and family and we traveled every tip/op shop we could find.

Thanks Mum and Dad again for the amazing hospitality – we all loved it and thanks to my brother Gavin for making it from Scotland!!! to be there with us!


11 thoughts on “School Dance 80’s style

  1. i feel your pain – this looks very similar to my grade 9 grad dress, except mine was what you could call electric purple, complete with heels dyed to match. and big hair. with baby’s breath flowers in it. ouch.

  2. Trish I have come across a couple o Mum’s dresses 30s-40s in an old tin trunk. Will photo them along with the others I have of hers…. A very special grosgrain black coat also. Will send soon I hope. Busy with bees & 36* heat at the moment. Wonderful to catch up again!

    Love Libby…PS will also send pix from Shaky Bridge

  3. LOL! Love the bows on the shoulders! I made wedding & bridesmaids’ dresses for a living in the 80s so I saw many many similar get-ups, in multiples. I made up that very pattern, 3 bridesmaids, a lovely (!) jacaranda colour, chosen specifically because the dresses had lace sleeves and that was the colour the lace came in. Accessorised with little draw-string bags featuring the lace carried on their wrists (a smart idea in theory, somewhere to tuck your lipstick/tissue etc, execution wasn’t to my taste) And the finishing touch was the shoes, they were covered in the fabric and lace. I really liked jacarandas before then…..

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