School Dance 80’s style

This is really embarrassing


This is the pattern mum made my 6th form School Dance Dress with, complete with the big bows on the shoulders and all.

It was a very 80’s shade of electric blue – which I don’t think I have worn since – polyester moire taffeta! Noice!!

I am not sure where the photos from that night are – must dig them out!

We are back from almost a month in New Zealand – I am calling it the best time ever! Great to catch up with many friends and family and we traveled every tip/op shop we could find.

Thanks Mum and Dad again for the amazing hospitality – we all loved it and thanks to my brother Gavin for making it from Scotland!!! to be there with us!

Polka Dots and Crosshatch

Just picked up this baby!

Score! It’s a vintage apron probably made from leftover fifties fabric after cutting out a dress.

Three of my favourite things feature, polka dots, cross hatches and yummy shades of green – kelly green and chartreuse.

And all for just $2! Worth walking through the rain for!



Libby’s Place

I got to see a lovely friend of my parents (and mine) yesterday.

Here are a few snaps from her house from my phone.

Thanks for an unforgettable time Libby and great to meet you Terry.

She gave me some the green 1920’s plates in the photo and the 1930’s bowls with boats on them. I love boats. Aren’t I spoilt?!

Thank you Libby!!