The “All Singing, All Dancing” Dress

The Sew Weekly and its women have entered my subconscious. I awoke dreaming about “Sew Weekly – The Musical!” one morning this week. There was Mena, front and centre flanked by Najah and others – singing about what we do, everybody was wearing fabulous frocks (my brain had even composed its first song – alas lost to my memory now!). The story followed Mena’s life, her starting the Sew Weekly, her personal life (only what she has divulged to us) and the wonderful connections
around the world that this “Virtual Sewing Circle” have created. Well I’d buy a ticket to that wouldn’t you??! Especially if we had Kazz with Lenny Kravitz and Tempest with David Bowie in it!! Dibs on Morrissey for me! I think it would end in a big fat wedding. But I do love a wedding.

So here’s my last contribution for the year. It was one of the two concepts I had for the Las Vegas Challenge (please can we do that again Mena?!), then it was going to be for the 1960’s Challenge, then it was going to be for the Redo Challenge, but I was so pleased to get it done after many months of neglecting it to bring it to you for the Happy Holidays Challenge.

It went together much more easily than I thought it would – the pattern is a dream, the fabric was pretty good, even the lining wasn’t too difficult. What I can’t believe after a year of sewing – is that I still think I am a size bigger than what I actually am. I broke my rule and didn’t make a toile – so I cut it out too big (or it grew) and it’s really too wide across the shoulders and too big in the bodice. It’s not awful and I could stand it for a few hours at a special event. I was happy that the bows came up nicely and that it has a very early sixties look but still with a very fifties silhouette.

My garden is seriously neglected, my mending pile is huge, my recipe repertoire is abysmal, my vintage jewellery collection is exploding – my shoe collection has tripled in size (these last two I don’t mind so much).

I do hope to keep sewing along next year but it will be less frequently – it’s a big commitment I think everyone will agree! But what a ride!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone – Peace and Goodwill to all people, thoughts and prayer are with the families and friends of the Sandy Hook Elementary School pupils.

Sorry for the lack of photos today – will add more after the holidays.

The Facts
Fabric: 1960’s Thrifted Lurex Brocade $15
Pattern: Butterick B5748
Year: 1960
Notions: Zip, lining
Time to complete: 8 hours over several months
First worn: for the photos
Wear again? Yes, anyone having a party?
Total Cost: ~$30






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