That place that has “Cool” in it

That’s how Noah described the place I disappeared to recently – he says the most poetic things at times. I hope he always does, but Alex doesen’t speak like this anymore! He’s all about the facts!

But, enough about the kids.

Here are some quick snaps of the things I bought on my trip to Coolangatta

From “That Shop” came this “Sourpuss” patent handbag – it fills a gap in my handbag wardrobe!


I also picked up this little bolero cardigan there too. It has very cute Day of the Dead skulls embroidered on it.  I do buy quite a bit of knitwear – well you can’t sew everything!


From the 21st Century Collectables place next door came this gorgeous 1940’s rayon fabric. I had some fabric similar to this that my grandmother gave me. I loved wearing the shirt I made from it and I have photos of me wearing it at a dance party in the 90’s. I need to dig that out for a laugh!!

If anyone has any idea what kind of plants or flowers these might be – I would love to hear it!


And finally – How cute is this tin? Still working at getting the very stubborn label off. I have added a couple to my collection recently. They are great for transporting food to places in the car and won’t break or chip if I drop them! Important for a klutz like me.


Please note – these photos were taken in my phone – still reading the manual of my new camera – watch this space.



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