Adventures in Photography

Look at this! It’s been stuck in Customs for two weeks and I could have kissed the courier who delivered it this morning!

I had my last day at work today and spent some time working on some accessories for a new range my company may bring in next year. Quite exciting! But I can’t give anything away. All I can say is “The Owl and the Pussycat”.

Feeling quite tired after a busy term of work, running the house, chauffeuring the boys around to school, jujitsu, swimming and Alex’s guitar lessons as well! Can you relate??!

Next week I have a couple of days to prepare for a few Christmas parties and holidays. I hope I can squeeze a bit of sewing in as I really want to sew up some of the amazing vintage fabrics I have found recently!

Also dying to see what Mena has planned for the Sew Weekly got next year. It’s been an amazing ride trying to sew something every week – I have managed a garment every fortnight roughly. I am pretty surprised I got do much done.

It has also been challenging not only sewing but doing hair, makeup and a photo shoot – crazy!! Thanks to my patient kids, my dear husband Mark, my Dad (the Gatsby Dress), my brother (the Anchors Away Shirt) my lovely friend Toni ( the Lighthouse Dress), It is so nice to have someone help you with the photos – especially when you are in public.

I hope my photos will look a whole lot better from now on – or maybe after I work out how to use it properly!



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