Oooh Shiny!

I haven’t managed to finish a garment this week. We are all getting tired as the end of the school year draws close.

So here’s a little bag I bought recently.


Twinkle twinkle right!?

I have wanted one of these slouchy evening bags with a serpentine chain for ages. I remember seeing 1970’s disco clothes for sale in James Smith’s (a Wellington Department store – now long gone) as a kid.  I remember a pair of black satin knickerbockers on a mannequin there, one time we visited. Can’t remember what she had on top but it could have been one of those slinky mesh tops – my friends elder sister had one in the 80’s – outrageous!

See the cute “GC” Art Deco Label ?  Well my friend Miss Penny Queen of Handbags told me that it stands for Gold Crest – there is a great piece about their history here.
You do see lots of this type of bag in the op shops.  Some may date  from the fifties, the majority are probably 70’s and 80’s styles, through to recent knock offs.  The main labels available in Australia are Glomesh and Oroton (Ebay has a few Gold Crest currently).

Older purses will most likely be made in Hong Kong new ones in China.


Commonly in white, bone, navy, black, less often in bergundy, silver or gold, You might also be lucky and pickup a key holder, coin purse or cigarette case.

This shimmery stuff epitomised 70’s glamour to my childlike corduroy eyes.

Before you buy – try to shake it over a white surface – they can get rusty on the inside – and you don’t want a fine film of rust on your white clothes now do you?  Prices for this style of bag is creeping up and some op shops are charging around $45 for a nice Glomesh.

Have a good look at it – make sure you are happy with the condition of the lining and that all the little pieces of mesh are there and if its not a plain metalic one – check that the paint is not chipped, and that the handle or strap is firmly attached.

See the fine chain edging around the flap of the bag – an unusual touch.

Now all I need is a seventies party!


2 thoughts on “Oooh Shiny!

  1. Don’t wait for the ’70s party! I love my mesh bag too – vintage Whiting & Davis from the US. It’s gold with a mother-of-pearl effect lucite trim and it gets an outing at least once a month!

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