The “Bad Hair Halloween” Top

The Vampire boys and I – heading out

I was so disorganized for this project.  I spent two hours of looking for my jumpers to upcycle, the brooch and the red satin I planned to bind the jersey edge with and racking my brains. Finally just got it together in time to sew this afternoon.

I didn’t have a pattern, I just traced around the faux leather vest I am wearing in the photos.

This was easy to put together using my over-locker.  The great thing about knits is that you can easily mold and sculpt them.  I used a straight stitch to attach the bias binding.  One tip if you are sewing things (elastic, ribbon, binding) on to knit fabric is to keep moving in the same direction, don’t turn around and make a rectangle if you get what I mean?

It would have been nice to have a bow and arrow but I couldn’t cope with making a prop as well this week.

Where did I put my bow and arrow?

I bought the cheapest brown wig I could find – isn’t it just awful.  I tried to braid it before the photos – but it fell out straight out.

It was fun trying to be Catniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”, creeping around the garden.  Looking back at my photos I look absolutely nothing like Jennifer Lawrence and I think the curly wig doesn’t help.  I found it difficult to imitate her serene expression.

The boys and I are looking forward to Wednesday.  Halloween has become very popular in Australia in the last few years.  The dressing up part is a hoot and it’s a really nice time with friends walking around the neighborhood, it’s usually warm weather and we end with a barbecue dinner together afterwards – great, no cooking!

The Facts

Fabric: Two Merino Wool Holey Polo Neck Jumpers

Pattern: Traced off another garment

Year: So right now

Notions: Red Bias Binding

Time to complete: 1 hour – yay!

First worn: For the photos and trick or treating on Wednesday

Wear again: Maybe to Yoga! or around the house


The boys vampire costumes were a collection of clothes they  already had, the velvet cape I made years ago which has seen so much use and a few opshop pieces (the white shirts) and a new cheap plastic cape which ripped in 5 minutes – we had a blast and the boys collected a week’s worth lollies!


2 thoughts on “The “Bad Hair Halloween” Top

  1. as the vampires chaperone you look lovely with the long hair to the side – sorry I cut your head off! marc has his cape & teeth ready for next year – will be a long wait! we were invaded by high school kids but at least they dressed up and they were well behaved (other than the swearing I heard before they came down the path) I so envy your sewing skills!

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