70’s Rug Heaven

So super excited to show you what came into my hands this week!  “Rugmaking and Macrame” by Anna North and Noreen Gladwin, straight out of 1974.

I have been on the lookout for a rug that features the colour palette in our living room – lime green, turquoise and browns. I want wool for all of its amazing inherent properties. But is it just me or are rugs expensive?! Especially wool.  So I thought I’d love to try and make one myself.


I adore the pink toned rug with the Saarinen chair – what a great look!

When I was at Wellington Polytechnic I remember the Textiles Students manking rugs with a gun like tool that shot the yarns into the base cloth. It look liked great fun and seemed easy! I am sure it was not – given the price of rugs – or perhaps the equipment is prohibitively expensive?


This one is pretty but my boys would have biscuit crumbs embedded into that shag pile before I could blink.

Although its having a come back I don’t. think I’ll be attempting a macramé over skirt anytime soon!!


Has anyone out there made a rug? I’d love your advice please.




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