The “I Love Polka Dots” Gypsy Blouse

It’s Polka Dot week over at The Sew Weekly.  I love a Gypsy Blouse, and I just adore polka dots.

I actually made this top a few months ago, I had a hunch I could use it for a challenge at some point!

This vintage fabric was left over from my “Walk the Line” Dress from last year.  I had just enough leftover fabric to squeeze another garment out of the leftovers – so pleased about that.

I had had an operation recently.  I had a medical condition and the Doctor had to remove my womb.  It was three weeks ago now and I am on the mend thanks to much support from my dear Mum who has come from NZ to stay for a month.  She has been making me better by making us dinner and pudding every night.  She has also been driving my giant 4WD around with my kids in it.  And demolished my permanent mountain of laundry in less than a week!  Thanks so much Mum!  And Mark has been doing the supermarket shopping – and has been great at keeping the kids entertained.  Thanks Honey! xx

The Facts

Pattern: New Look 6179 with alterations

Year: 2002

Notions:  Elastic
Time to complete: 3 hours or less

First worn: To Church, then the park

Wear again: Oh yes

Total price:  I am calling it free


2 thoughts on “The “I Love Polka Dots” Gypsy Blouse

  1. I am totally in love with this top! The fabric and the cut – so cute and ultra-wearable. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend. And yay for mothers who take care of massive piles of washing! My mother does the same when she visits, it’s brilliant (once I get over the guilt of having such a back-log of it in the first place, that is, haha!)

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