Fifties Fair 2012 – What People Wore – Part 2

Ole!  Christine from Classic Vintage dresses up in amazing fifties outfits each year.  I have seen her dressed as a sailor and a mechanic in recent years.  How’s that rack of amazing mens shirts she has for sale!?

Here’s the lovely Toni – isn’t she just stunning in her self-made, from vintage fabric, skirt, her hat is totally hand sewn and it took hours to attach the braided trim and lined in fabric to match the skirt.

Confetti Earrings!

This young woman deserves 10 out of 10 for sheer guts.  She told me it was 1970’s Mexican.  I think the dress is amazing and I would love to wear a dress like that.

This was one of my favourite outfits of the whole day!  Perfection!

Wow!  Hair!

I met Georgio last year at the Fair – sorry it’s not a great photo, but his fiance Robyn looks immaculate as she always does.

I apologize for the quality of these photos.  I dropped my pink Cybershot camera in the excitement the morning of the Fair.  The display screen is not working properly.  So all day, I wasn’t sure if I was getting any pictures at all!  It kind of put me off asking people if they would pose for a quick snap, as I normally would.  My photos on this post were what I call my “stalker shots” – they are usually shot through the crowd and I have cropped random elbows and things out!  That’s why they are all tall and skinny – I hope you enjoy them regardless!

Maybe now my dear husband will buy me that DSLR I have been dreaming of.  Or maybe I will have proved once again that I can’t be trusted with cameras, and I will have to buy that $69 one at Aldi this week!


9 thoughts on “Fifties Fair 2012 – What People Wore – Part 2

  1. You need to get the lumex underwater shock proof camera they come in awesome colours as well. Not quite a dslr but take a really great photo and handle being dropped 🙂

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