Fifties Fair 2012 – What People Wore – Part 1

Did you go?  Wasn’t it great?!

Here is some of the people that caught my eye during the day

Wowsers!  – This woman looks stunning doesn’t she??!

Isn’t this woman adorable in her mint green?  I had a chat with her and she said she bought her outfit on the day and changed into it!   She is just lovely.  STOPPRESS I now know it’s Rachel who I follow in Instagram under VintageCarousel – I am going to try to find out more about her – but I know this – she’s shy!

How about this woman’s skirt!  It is hand painted velvet – unlike anything I’ve ever seen irl.  I should have quizzed her about its origins, but the fashion parade was starting I think.  Her hat is amazing too – see the feathers.  And the shoes…!

These ladies were from the Evening Wear Fashion Parade – which we missed.  However, luckily for us – they paraded around the market area – where we spend most of the day – funnily enough.  So we captured them as they floated by – aren’t those gowns incredible?

These two women looked impeccable, great attention to detail.  This was early on in the day when the coat was needed.  Later it warmed up beautifully.

Here’s a close up of that fish print – so cute right?

Well, I think that’s enough for now.  Watch this space for more shots from the day!


6 thoughts on “Fifties Fair 2012 – What People Wore – Part 1

    • Ha ha ! Lynda, I didn’t take that many photos of people this year, but I have a couple more of my “stalker shots”. I seem to have quite a few of piles of fabric and quite a lot of bric a brac – coming up!!

  1. I love these photos. I have always loved the fashion and being a real woman with curves I never thought I could pull the look off. But thanks to your blog and these photos I think I might have to pull out the old janome and start sewing

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