The Lighthouse Dress – WIP


Here it is – looks finished right? Not at all. And the Fifties Fair is next Sunday!!! Arghhh!! Why do info this to myself?

I have been sick with a fever and cough and am now on antibiotics. Feeling quite bedraggled!

Have not touched it all day today (Saturday) as another more pressing project came up – might share more on that later.

Mum arrives in a week and the sewing room needs to become a beautiful guest-room !

Also the whole house was a total mess of dead flowers, laundry and too much stuff.

So I spent lots of time today organising stuff for donation to the op shop or adding to the pile to eBay, dont forget the laundry and meals for little people and so it goes on.

When it’s clean it will be the opportune time to photograph it – look out for that next week or perhaps the weather will warm up enough for inspiration to strike and inspire me to finish a sundress in August!


7 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Dress – WIP

  1. It’s looking lovely! I just love the skirt so very much. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your time with your mom!!

  2. Oh noes! Being sick is no fun. 😦 Hope you get fully better soon!

    The dress is looking amazing! (Surely you don’t have much left to go? It looks finished already!)

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the 50’s fair. 🙂

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