The “Pineapples and Palmtrees” Skirt

I have been making this skirt since the early 90’s.  I think this is the sixth time I have made it

I have made it in chiffon, denim and cottons.  It’s great – I think the A-line shape is not bad on a pear-shaped figure.  It’s comfortable to wear and easy to sew.

I have made it so often I have even traced it on to patternmaking kraft paper (heavy, card weight paper) – this is much easier to handle than tissue patterns for things you make repeatedly.  This is how they do it in the industry.

Although, you think I would have learned that the side zip really ruins the way the side seam sits.  I am so lazy I can’t even be bothered to do any seams that are unnecessary – such as the centre back seam – but seeing it in the photos – I am determined to note this for next time on my pattern.

I love the pineapple print.  Perfect for the Sew Weekly’s Yellow Week – but I think it would look better as a big gathered skirt – but I didn’t feel like spending quite a lot on buying fabric for yet another skirt.

I couldn’t be bothered changing the threads from the permanent black, so I used bias binding for all the seams – it didn’t take long.  I love using bias binding.

Another lesson learned – the straight pattern looks weird on the A-line shape and appears as if it is disappearing into the side seam.

So this photo shoot was tricky.  It was about 4pm – I had read somewhere that the light is good in the morning or right before it goes down.  I found it was incredibly bright and in some shots my skin is as white as my T-shirt in some photos.  So I adjusted the brightness thingy on my Pink camera – that helped.  Although it looks sunny and tropical it was quite cold.  And I really struggled to get a decent shot – it took ages.   Hoping Mark is not so busy next time.
On a positive note – I went and had my hair done at Sterling Hair Salon and Barber Shop in Surry Hills, on the day of the photos.  James is so wonderful – he is a perfectionist and I was really happy with my hair again.  They gave me advice on how to try to keep the style, like – put some rollers in it, use a silk pillowcase, hairnet and a silk scarf – all of which I totally ignored.  I just ran a hairdryer over it and pushed it around a bit – not too bad!

Oh well – some valuable lessons there and the skirt will be fine for the school run on a stinking hot day and perfect for around the house.

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton Pineapple Print – approx. $15/metre

Pattern: Simplicity 9926

Year:  1990

Notions: Zip and cotton bias binding for all the seams

Time to complete: 2 hours

First worn: For the photos

Wear again? Yes on hot days, maybe out of the house

Total Cost: About $20


8 thoughts on “The “Pineapples and Palmtrees” Skirt

  1. That fabric is utterly adorable! Love it! You look like you should be lounging on a beach (on a sunlounger, naturally, with that hair and lippy) with a good book and a cocktail. 😉

    • Thanks so much Rosy – it’s great when you have worked out what suits your body type – though looking around I sometimes think some Women don’t try hard to learn this (and men!). Although it can save you money in the long run don’t’ you think?

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