Australiana and Americana


How great is this fabric?! I saw it recently in Lincraft. I am into indigenous art forms in a huge way.

It feels very 50’s to me, with it’s dull, earthy colour palette.

It was $14.99 a metre and I had to leave it there at that price – as I had a little splurge on Esty last night. Just a few U.S. accessories for my 50’s Fair outfit. I really hope it’s warm! I froze last year!

They had a whole story in this theme – for the quilters.

Have you noticed that these type of prints languish in shops for a while?

Cultural cringe perhaps?

Now I am kicking myself for not getting a metre or four!

Will have to be content with a string of small parcels arriving in the mail from the States right!?


6 thoughts on “Australiana and Americana

  1. Not sure if you know, but Lincraft are doing their 50% off fabric sale starting tomorrow, you could always grab a couple of meters 🙂 I’ve been writing out my list of basics I want to stock up on!

  2. As much as I hate lizards and amphibians, this fabric is such a beauty. It should work with a simple pattern like a cowl neck shift dress.

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