The “Fast Cars” PJ Pants

Meet Noah, he’s six and three-quarters.  He has lost 6 teeth, is very good at sports, is on the move constantly, is deeply interested in food and loves to play Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies.

I got this great little remnant of flannelette, featuring 50’s cars,  perfect for winter PJs at an op shop in New Zealand for a few dollars.

These pants are a breeze to make and I even did a false fly – which was super easy.  I also made a size 8 so he gets at least two years wear out them.  My kids tend to grow up, not out – because they are very fit and active  (unlike their parents!).  So I turned the hem up twice – to let down easily next year.

He was quite resistant to the idea of modelling so I said he could do it on the trampoline while enjoying his very large gobstopper and I have to pay him $5 – I know, superb mothering skills right?!  They just had their flu shot – and their treat was the gobstoppers.  They have been smashing them on the bath to get to the gum in the middle – this is my life actually – dealing with all kinds of “original” behaviour.  I blame their father.

He loves to do back flips which he does quite well as he is just the right height do to.

He only fell off the trampoline once during this photo shoot.

He has always been a real little toughy, not really into hugs much but when he came along, with his blonde hair, blue eyes and huge smiles – we knew our family was complete.

He told me not to put these photos on Twitter – and I promised I wouldn’t!

The Facts

Fabric: Thrifted flannelette $5

Pattern: Butterick 5737

Year:  c.1960’s

Notions: A button

Time to complete: 2 hours

First worn: Trampolining and TV watching

Wear again? Yes

Total Cost: $5


3 thoughts on “The “Fast Cars” PJ Pants

  1. Ha ha… nice to know I’m not the only mum that gets charged for photos!!! Great pjs, loving the fabric, and it goes without saying… very handsome son! (he will hate that of course!!) But at least it wasn’t mentioned on Twitter! 😉

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