The “Postcards from Abroad” Skirt

The main fabric of the skirt is this wonderful 1950’s postcard print.   The postcards depict scenes from exotic locales like Venice – and may feature other scenes of Italy (I have just learned).  With wonky stripes.  If you can identify any of these scenes – please, enlighten me! The fabric might be chintz – as it has a lustrous appearance.

I picked up this remnant at the 50’s fair in Sydney for $40.  It had the top cut off .  Perhaps the rest of the fabric it was used for a dress and belt – leaving a bit almost big enough for a skirt for me!

The second fabric (on the yoke) is Suessville from Robert Kaufman.  It is a quilting fabric. It has the wonky stripes – I thought it would be perfect.    The first issue is that the stripes look tiny on my computer screen.  It’s hard to judge scale when buying fabric online isn’t it?  I wasted at least an hour trying to tea dye the bright whiteness out of it.   The second issue is that it just looks like a wrinkly rag next to the beautiful glossy postcard print.  I will seriously consider sewing garments from quilting fabric in the future.

I was very disapointed in the way the stripes make me look like I was wearing a large striped maternity t-shirt with a curved hem, under my top and 50’s cardi!!!

I tried turning the skirt around – it helped a little, but I hated it so much that for the outdoor photos I wore my long top to cover the yoke.  We went out for a big mothers day lunch – so maybe that didn’t help!

Also I have to confess – after my bathroom photo shoot I gave up on the skirt and the waist is unfinished (except for stay stitching) so it slipped down my hips and looks longer than I wanted it to when I was out to lunch.

Anyway  as soon as I can find black fabric that is slightly faded and glossy – that wobbly stripe’s outta here!

The gorgeous postcard print deserves another attempt at being turned into a garment.  When that’s done it will be a strong contender for being what I wear to this year’s 50’s Fair.  I’ve already bought my ticket!  Got yours yet?

The Facts
Fabric: Vintage Cotton $40, Robert Kaufman Suessville Quilting Cotton $10
Pattern: Advance 6064
Year:  1952
Notions: Zip
Time to complete: 4
First worn: May 2012
Wear again? Once it’s got a plain black yoke

Total Cost: ~$50


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