What’s new Spotty?

I recently checked out Spotlight‘s offer for Autumn. They have some Wool Coating fabrics 80% Wool and 20% Nylon (which gives the fabric increased durability).

They also had some Wool Flannels – which were made in India – and quite coarse looking – but ok for jackets etc.

But as always what got me going were the Cotton Lycra Sateens! I love these – they look great made up, sew together easily and drape beautifully – perfect for 50’s style dresses, and that hint of elastomeric fibres (Lycra or Elastane) makes them comfortable!

Lets feast our eyes!

Yay! How good are these babies?!  I love the brown roses – but I have a piece of vintage wool challis in almost identical tones, (Daisy print, not roses) so I left that one there.  I bet it’s there next time!  Not many people can wear that colour.

Um, I am not loving these as much, but I like the one second from the left.

I find these ones quite Nana-ish – what do you think? The one with the purple rose is a bit 50’s looking – but it’s not great.

Here are my picks!

How gorgeous. Two of my favourite things: Polka Dots and Roses – Yay, under the terrible light Roses actually looked Olive green and the background grey-ish. It’s all tones of brown actually.  I will do a blouse out of that.

This was the one that made me gasp! Is it not gorgeous?  I love it and I bought four metres for a shirtwaist type of dress. Good isn’t it?!

Don’t know what’s happened to all the lovely floral prints – maybe we’ll see some in Spring/Summer. This is definitely moody – suits my personality just fine!

Which one do you like?

Oh and by the way, I have been blogging for a year!  I know!  I can’t believe it!  So watch out – I plan to do a giveaway each week this month, some patterns and bits and pieces.  And thanks so much for popping by and subscribing!

I am so grateful that you are here.

Trish xxx


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