The “Fools Rush In ” Two Seam Top

Now I am quite a goody good, I suppose you’d say.  I don’t like getting in trouble.  I follow the rules pretty much.  But when it comes to sewing I am quite the rebel.   Instruction sheets – pah – I know better, do the zip this way – no thanks.  If I can think of an easier way I’ll do that.  Recommended fabrics – I’ll be the judge.

But when Casey tried out this pattern and advised that it was meant for knit textures, I wish I listened.

Pink is not really my colour.  I like it for pyjamas, but it doesn’t suit me.  But when I found this lovely painterly 50’s-ish rose print, I thought – that will be just the ticket!

I am glad I only spent an hour sewing two seams – which sounds like slow going when you count them! But I wanted to finish them nicely – because it’s a sheer fabric.    Casey said turn and catch stitch.  I wonder if she has washed her one yet?  I was taught that hand sewing does not hold knit fabrics.   It just falls out – now that is a rule I am not willing to break!

This top is difficult to put on, pulls uncomfortably over my arms and falls down constantly, needing readjusting.  On me it is unflattering – too bulky at the front.  And I couldn’t drive a car in it – fail!

Still, I really like the concept and would love to make it up in a knit fabric, perhaps in a stripe – would be fun.

The pattern is intriguing as it uses really little fabric and does produce what is a cute little shrug – if you need such a thing to wear to your next summer wedding or formal event!

I recommend you take Casey’s advice – that girl knows her stuff.  And remember – hand sewing is not recommended!
The Facts
Fabric”  Thrifted Polyester Georgette $3.50
Pattern: Self Drafted based on Simplicity 4538
Year: 1950’s
Notions: just thread
Time to complete: 1 hour – a record!
First worn: April 2012 for the photos
Wear again? Nup!!

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

I found the back of the pattern envelope in Flickr here! And I coulden’t have done it without that – thanks!


6 thoughts on “The “Fools Rush In ” Two Seam Top

  1. That is too bad that it didn’t work out because that fabric is just delightful. Do you think you could reuse the fabric for something else? Because the print is very lovely on you. I’m excited to see your knit version!

    • Thanks Meg. Yes I really should, I usually try to avoid sewing with difficult fabrics like this, and in Sydney they are unbearable in hot weather and only suitable for a few days in spring/autumn! Ok, back into the stash it goes!

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