The “Going Full Circle” Skirt

I was so excited about this Sew Weekly challenge.  I have been wanting to make a circular skirt for ever.


I dragged out my old textbook from Tech to draft my pattern (Natalie Bray’s Pattern Drafting).  It’s full of sketches that look very 1950’s actually  – funny I hated just about everything in it back in 1991.  Especially the cap sleeves – I love them now!

Casey at Elegant Musings has done all the work of explaining it if you want to try drafting your own.


I love this style of 50’s moody, abstract floral print.  But I am not sure about these colours! They clash – don’t you think? I was thinking about painting over that fire engine red to “knock  it back a bit”.  Over the 18 months that I have owned this fabric, I have gone from “had to have it – must buy 5.5 metres?!?!)” to “hate it” but it’s grown on me and now I think I love it. I think is best with plain top and simple accessories.

Like the one I am wearing. Yes, I made it too. In 1997 – ahem.  What can I say but good quality fabric lasts.  It’s made in a heavy-ish cotton lycra jersey. Wish I could find some more – got it from work (a now defunct Sydney fashion label).

So the skirt is super easy. Made with three seams because tt’s long. It has a zip, waistband and button.  This fabric sews like a dream and drapes beautifully.

During the sewing the waist stretched I discovered, after finishing, it that it is too big. It needs altering before I can wear it.

I thought about attempting the horsehair braid or crinoline hemming method that is fashionable. But didn’t order it from Melbourne (for $3 per metre) in time. And Tessutti Fabrics, I love you but I am not paying $6 a metre – thanks!


The last time I sat on the ground for a photo was on my wedding day!  That time it was sand, at the beach.  This time it was on the neighbours ratty grass, under the amazing sandstone hanging rocks at the front of this property.  Mark and I had a laugh doing the photos, especially the ones of me sitting awkwardly on the ground or on tree stumps!

So apart from the fact that the waist is huge on me and I feel like it’s too short –  with more work it could potentially be a good piece for this Autumn.


My Russian amber necklace and bracelet were a present from my dad when I was a teenager.  I love them.  He always gives me jewellery – I am a bit spoilt!

Love this Deco button – it’s like a little toffee!

The Facts

Fabric: From Spotlight: Stretch Cotton Lycra Sateen $14.95/m
Pattern:  Self Drafted
Year: 2012
Notions: Waist interfacing, 1 button, zip
Time to complete: 3 hours approx.

Cost: $55

First worn: For the photos
Wear again? Yes – to a friends 40th next weekend


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