Buying this saved me money!

Do you like this? I got it recently when I purchased some other fabric from the U.S. I thought I would make the postage more worthwhile. Smart thinking right?

I love its sewing imagery – the patterns, the typography, a tape measure here and there!

I think it will be used to cover pattern boxes in my sewing/guest room – where the struggle to fit it all in, continues!

My kids go back to school tomorrow, its happy and sad. Sad that I don’t get a to have a bit of a sleep in but happy that they are not baying for my constant snacks! Can anyone relate?

Happy sewing to you!

The fabric details are: From the “Homespun Chic” collection by Melody Ross for the new Blend Fabrics, a division of Anna Griffin Inc, highest quality quilt shop cotton.


4 thoughts on “Buying this saved me money!

  1. Oooh, so pretty!!! I’d say that was a very good purchase, yes indeed. That’s the sort of fabric that makes me happy to look at it. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

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