The “Hello Sailor” Pants

We come from a rather seafaring family so my parents thought it was a huge joke to dress my brother and up like a couple of little sailors.

I remember one photo in which I wore a pleated skirt and a midi. My brother got to wear his sailor suit with a large handmade round union jack brooch (made from that Fimo – modelling clay which is so 70’s). Poor guy.  Luckily he turned out to be a big, tough deep-sea diver – not scarred at all

But I love sailor pants and have wanted to make some for ages. I have kind of cornered the market on sailor pant patterns and I have about 4 different ones. A little excessive I know.

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As I am the worlds laziest sewer – well I thought I would give Butterick 6662 a go – because there are a piece of cake. I used my Tried and Tested 60’s trouser pattern that I have made repeatedly – but strangely not for about 10 years, which is when I bought the fabric I think?.

Adjustments made to the pattern include widening the legs and adjusting for my sway back. I also made the “Sailor Panel” by interfacing it, then bagging it out with lining and hand finishing it. I top stitched around it then attached one side to the front of the trousers. There is a tiny little zip and darts hidden under the panel.

I just finished the top to the pants with bias binding because I rarely tuck things into pants.

I think I need to pull my finger out and make a proper pair with the facings over on the side hip more – with all the facings and fiddling around. These are ok. I will wear them – once I find a suitable top that doesn’t expose me quite so much!

Here is a photo my Aunt gave me for my 40th.  It’s of my brother, cousins and I on a bush walk.  I am the leggy on in the gypsy top.  What I wouldn’t give to have those legs back – you’d never see me in a skirt – it’d be shorts all the time!

The Facts Fabric: Polyester Lycra Pinstripe from the 90’s
Pattern: Butterick 6662 (Sailor Panel) and McCalls 8390 (Pants)
Year: 1970 and 1966 respectively
Notions: Small amounts of interfacing and lining fabric, 6 buttons and bias binding
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn:
Wear again? Yes


15 thoughts on “The “Hello Sailor” Pants

  1. I adore this outfit! Those red buttons on the trousers are a fabulous addition – the trousers overall are very flattering and very fun 🙂

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