Image projected


I have been thinking a bit lately about the image we project to others.  And the reality.  Because no matter what we think we are projecting, the truth comes out!  And what we are is plain for all to see!  Take this photo shoot for example.  I got some lovely compliments on the last post, on Sew Weekly and on Facebook.  The reality is that I am a 40-something suburban mum, whose career in fashion was utterly unsuccessful, who lives in jeans and flat shoes.

I thought I would share some of the not so good photos from our little photo shoot down by the harbour.  It was a family affair!  Lets take a look at a few of the technical difficulties from the 500 or so photos we took.

The Hair – if you read my blog regularly – you know how I can’t do hair.  I  try to take photos on the day I get my hair cut, that way I don’t have to deal with it.  How’s that for projecting an image!  I call this do “ratty birds nest” !

The Wind!

Hello Sydney harbour, quite the wind tunnel aren’t you!  Did not help the hair at all.

The Wardrobe Malfunction!

Mark took about 100 photos of me with my stomach straining through the gap between my skirt and my too small belt – attractive no?

The Kids

Where are the kids?  Oh there they are:

They were about 4 metres off the ground! Now each one of those boys has had a trip to the hospital in the last 2 months. They were ordered down immediately.

The Shoes

Ok $5 from an Op Shop is really all these are worth. I could not walk more than about 200 metres in them.  In this photo I am saying “Please hold Mummy’s hand and help me walk” see the heel sinking into the grass!

I hope that has given you a laugh.  What lies do you tell in front of your camera? – I would love to see a link to your funny photos!


6 thoughts on “Image projected

  1. Oh man, that wardrobe malfunction! Sometimes I wish my Steve was a girl, then when he takes my outfit photos he may be a lot more likely to notice that sort of thing. *sigh* The number of times we’ve done a photo shoot then afterwards I’ve found out I had something all askew or a collar accidently turned under or the like. How on earth do they not notice these things to tell us?!?!

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