The “Coathanger” Skirt


The Facts
Fabric: Seven vintage tablecloths from Op Shops – about $40
Pattern: Vogue 7924
Year: 1950 something
Notions: Zip, bias binding for the waistband
Time to complete: 8 hours
First worn: For the photos
Wear again: Yes – while the warm weather lasts and with toned down accessories and minus the petticoats.
Total price: Under $50

Gidday!  I finally got myself out of the ‘burbs and down to the water for some photos for the The Sew Weekly City challenge.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is colloquially known as The Coathanger and she turned 80 recently.  She is a stunner!

I moved to Sydney on New Years Eve of 1992.  I had just finished studying Fashion Design and I was going to have to leave my home town Wellington, New Zealand for work.  I had friends in Sydney so I came to stay with them.  I planned to stay a while and save for a trip to London.

That means I have been here for 20 years this year!  I did make it to London for a wedding back in 1997, but I love it here!

This skirt is my ode to Sydney.  Sydney is huge, brash, outspoken and good-looking (hopefully so is this skirt!) and so are its people.  It can also be lonely, rude and expensive, congested and HOT!

I met my husband here, (he’s of Italian and Maltese background so he’s very special).  I have two Australian children.  It’s home now and the sickness is not bad after all that time (I miss my parents in NZ).

I have lived all over the place – so you know what that means – I know all the good op shops!  This is where I found the fabric for my skirt.  Collected over several years, but most of it pretty recently.  The roses on the grey background – is one of my favourites in the skirt and just came home a week ago!

A considerable amount of time was spent cutting and arranging the patchwork, much like making a patchwork quilt.  Not to mention the pieces that had to be unpicked and moved.

I have made this skirt before and it is the style of skirt my mum alway said suited me best.  The yoke is more flattering than gathers from the waist on my pear shape.  Thanks Mum!

If I tire of this skirt – it may be upcycled to become the mother of all table runners!

I felt more than a little bit silly wearing this ridicoulous outfit down by the water.  I thought that it wouldent be that busy down at Kirribilli on a gorgeous public holiday.  So I just had to suck it up and get it done, as I had dragged the whole family down there just for my photos!  One thing about Sydney is that people dress pretty casual most of the time!  I had skyscraper heels, two petticoats under the skirt and a massive flower in my hair.  The worst moment was when a boatload of tourists turned up!

Wishing the ground would swallow me up as the Ferry full of tourists cruises past!

The tablecloth skirt – I loved this baby from Anthropologie and started adding to my collection of vintage tablecloths soon after seeing it.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

Sydney is a great place to live – and a wonderful place to visit – if you lob in and if you need a tour guide – give me a hoy, I will take you on a tiki tour!


27 thoughts on “The “Coathanger” Skirt

  1. Oh Trish, that’s a gorgeous outfit!!! Wear it like that again!!!!!

    Love the skirt. I’m amazed how much effort you took into making all the different patches – it’s worked out fantastically. 🙂

  2. Can I post a picture of you in this amazing skirt with a link to your blog on mine? I’m at and I would LOVE people to see it and see what they can do with “cutters”. (If you’d rather not that’s ok too) I also understand the whole ” can’t the ground swallow me up” thing when people SEE us in public in our non-standard clothing : ) But you know, it’s getting easier and since I’m finally making and wearing the clothes I really like (and I’m “of a certain age”) I don’t care so much. This is just a fabulous skirt, I love it!!

  3. This is so pretty and styled so well, that i kept thinking I need to get out all of the grandmonsters lovely hankies, but with my hippage- thats a lot of hankies! You look wonderful and inspiring!

  4. I love your skirt! I’ve been to Sydney once years ago, I got to see the harbour bridge and tunnel and the Opera house but nothing else as we ended up completly lost (in the olden days before GPS, lol).
    I’ll be on the lookout now for old tablecloths from now on 🙂

    • Lol! It is a huge city I am not surprised you got lost. When I first arrived I used to walk around with “Street Directory” which is a book of maps! I use a GPS just to most days to get around to my customers! Hope you get to come back someday! Thanks for commenting:)

  5. Your skirt is amazing and totally drool worthy! I can only wish I were talented enough to make myself one just like it!

  6. Hi Trish, This is so, so, so yummy it reaches the exquisite realm. My darling you just have to wear your fabulous fabrics and fashion Loud n Proud! for these are your version of sleeve and body tattoos… Love Toni

  7. Thanks Toni, although I have been dreaming of a mannequin and cherrys dancing on my tuckshop lady arms lately. Or some bows on the back of my legs! I do always threaten Mark I am getting pistols on my chest. Hi Mum!

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