Op Shop Brain Snap

If you are an op shopper (or thrifter) like me – do you have occasional brain snap while out shopping?

International op shopping is always fun too.  Our family visited my parents back home in New Zealand in January.  I was out shopping with Mum in downtown Nelson.  There is an op shop right near the car park, so while mum was grabbing something quickly I ran for it.  Inside I zoomed past the usual tired knits and mass-produced and unexciting crockery.  I whizzed through tragic 80’s and 90’s sewing patterns and found myself in the mattress section where I spied this beauty!

It was pretty cheap at $10 or $20.  I had to think fast.  Mum had the station wagon out in the car park, I could buy the mattress, and get it home.   I could cut the wonderful fabric off with a knife and drop the mattress off to the tip and nobody could get upset about could they?  Or was that just nuts?!

But, alas – it was already sold – sigh.

Another thing I love to do in New Zealand, when I am not frantically op shopping, is relax with a pile of local magazines.  I stock up (in op shops of course) and read at Mum and Dad’s place.  This is what I do to relax, there is no broadband internet, no sewing machine and more time.

In one of my favourite interior mags there was a gorgeous piece on a young Auckland woman’s home.  She had some groovy pieces.  Including a lamp shade she had made herself.  Up on closer inspection I could see she had used this very same gorgeous 50/60’s fabric!  I was much amused to learn she had cut the fabric off the mattress base while it was on the side of the road, waiting for the rubbish pick up.  Not so crazy was I?

Imagine if my mattress and her mattress base were once a set!  Or imagine a more exciting possibility – that there are many of these mattresses out there in NZ, in tips or God forbid, in people’s homes still (eeeeww – dust mites much?!) .  You live in hope.

So if you like op shopping look out for me – I’ll be in the mattress section.


7 thoughts on “Op Shop Brain Snap

  1. Great minds think alike! For sure, when you are besotted by something there’s no accounting for strange actions! It is a fab design. I’m trying my best to bunk off work so I can get to this exhibition tomorrow: http://www.ftmlondon.org/exhibitions/detail/?ID=75 I’d love to have someone like you with me. Though I think there’s every chance we’d have security guards following us round all day! 😉

      • I thought it might be up your street Trish! I will do my best to photograph, get leaflets and postcards etc and of course will blog it…. just working out how to juggle the work thing!

  2. Oh love that…thinking of ways to get those goodies home..priceless! I feel the magnetic pull and have a opshop radar on ..constantly. My friend made a comment..”Maybe if you didn’t opshop so much you might be able to put money aside and come out with me.” >3>

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