Spring Palette – and a dose of reality

It’s Autumn. Sydney’s mornings are starting to feel a bit nippy. There is the odd tree around that has leaves that change colour – but the gum trees are deciduous so it stays looking pretty green.  I always know Spring on its way when the wattle trees in the National Park near our place, turn lime green (before turning yellow). Lime is one of my favourite colours.

Once I made a lime green jacket.  It was the 90’s – my lovely friend Tiffany was getting married.  I wore it with pride to the wedding.  It was nothing to be proud of – it was polyester and was pretty awful!

Source: carters.com.au via Trish on Pinterest



A pair of Florence Broadhurst upholstered vintage teak armchairs with high backs and surfboard armrests, upholstered in Kabuki pattern.

Tiffany was a textile designer.  She worked at Signature Prints in Sydney.  She had a big hand in bringing Florence Broadhurst prints back to the world!  She has since retired from the heady world of fashion in Sydney – as have I.  “Fashion is so glamorous”- that is the perception and not the reality.  The fashion industry can suck you dry.  It is so empty of meaning – that it takes a really tough person to stay in it.

Wow this has become rather deep rather fast!  Let’s look at something pretty – ‘cos let’s face it – that’s why you came!

Ironically I have put together my take on a spring colour palette based on Pantone’s forecast of which colours will be in next Spring – believe me I need that much time to get the sewing done!  It is rather heavy on the tablecloths as next week I plan to cut up a whole lot of vintage ones (stained and too small to be useful – but still needing admiration.

The colours are:

Tangerine Tango (ORANGE), Solar Power (YELLOW), Sodalite Blue (ROYAL BLUE), Cabaret (HOT PINK), Starfish (TAUPE), Margarita (PISTACHIO GREEN), Sweet Lilac (LOOKS PINK TO ME!), Driftwood (GREY BROWN), Bellflower (PURPLE) and Cockatoo (AQUA)

If you want to see what the colours look like then hop over to : The Fashion Plate where they have a lovely graphic stripe representation.

Actually, this apron has lots of the colours in one print  – I think it’s 1950’s what do you think?  I think it’s a Chintz fabric.    Would have looked amazing on a woman with the right skin tone – its fate is to join the aprons in the skirt.

So am I going to be in fashion next spring?  I like the oranges and browns.  Pink I usually restrict to pyjamas.  I think it’s a shame that lime’s not in fashion.  Or I could do my usual, and do my own thing – who’s with me??

Why not see what the other Sew Weekly ladies have done for their Spring Palettes?


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