Friends bearing gifts

This is my lovely friend Toni. She loves sewing and got me into quilting.  She is an amazing Graphic Designer. She is also good at hair and make up – which I am not – comes in handy!

Here she is in the kitchen at Rose Seidler House (the Fifties Fair).

“Toni always felt a nagging sense of bemusement in the kitchen…
after her 5 for 5 o’clock martinis”

She scored some patterns recently and she gave them to me!  What a total sweetheart!  So lovely to have friends like that.  Here is just some of the booty!

A classic trench coat.  I own several patterns for these, but have never made one – it might be time.

A Dress that is a sleeveless Trench Coat – yes please!

This curvy suit looks great.  I love the cut of the pants and the faced waist.

And my friend Toni – thanks gorgeous!


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