The “Sewing Circle Tapestry” Skirt

Art History was my favourite subject in my last year of school. I had these two amazing teachers who were Artists. They were not like any of the teachers at the girls school I went in the years before.  One was a Scot and the other a Pom.

There was a heavy emphasis on Italian Renaissance that year – I learned to say the names of the Italian of the Renaissance with a heavy Scottish accent , it all came flooding back when Mark and I visited Florence and saw all that art, with this Scottish voice playing through my head!

This is a thrifted piece of Tapestry I found recently. It is of an unusual scene picturing women sitting sewing and knitting! I don’t recognize it from the Art History that I did in school. My fashion history knowledge is strictly limited to the fabulous – not so much what everyday people wore in the past. I think it has a European feel – do you agree?  Art Historian Rach?  Can you help??

I thought it had such beautiful rich colours I thought it would make a fun skirt.

I have been admiring the box pleats I have been seeing around lately so I wanted to incorporate them.

It was a rectangular shaped tapestry. I put a zip in the one seam and pleated the rest to fit my waist. Threw on a rather lumpy narrow waist band (did I mention it was thick fabric? I broke a needle) and a hook and bar to close – very easy!! Yay!

The fabric is really heavy and swings back and forth as I walk in it.

I think it really could do with a petticoat underneath – it would hold the weight of the fabric out – I have two petticoats – but I have stashed them away somewhere and I can’t find them!

Sorry she’s just on the dummy this week – my husband has been really busy at work – so I haven’t wanted to pester him for my art. Pardon the pun.

I am pretty pleased with it – I think it makes a far better skirt than something you would put on your wall!

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Source: via Trish on Pinterest



The perfect accessory: 1940’s or 1950’s Petit Point Evening Bag, found recently with its own silk coin purse – for $A8!!

The Facts
Fabric: Tapestry from an Op Shop
Pattern: None
Year: 2012
Notions: Zip, some interfacing for the waistband
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: Not yet but I think it will look great with a burgundy top I have, and my new Petit Point vintage evening bag, and boots for Autumn
Wear again: It’s not going to be on high rotate – but yes
Total price: Under $10


9 thoughts on “The “Sewing Circle Tapestry” Skirt

  1. Oh wow, that’s fantastic! Love it! Would love to see pics of you wearing it sometime, I bet it looks stunning on. 🙂

  2. Thats amazing. I would never have envisaged a tapestry as an item of clothing. Too right is should be worn. All that work to be stuck on a wall or hidden away would be a crime. You might even get bored of all the fabulous comments. It certainly is a conversation piece!

  3. What a fab idea…you have such great ideas and style!I truly think you will only do it justice by donning it for the camera=) Can’t wait to see it!!

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